Food Service

From large nationwide chains to small corner diners, the number of restaurants featuring falafel on their menus has been growing dramatically. Falafel, which is renowned for its rich flavor and high nutritional value, gives patrons a delicious new option when dining out – and the added variety can give restaurant owners an edge in an increasingly competitive industry.

No matter the size or style of your food service establishment, the addition of falafel to your menu can delight your customers and boost your profits.

Quick Service and Fast Food Restaurants

Zaibak Bros is proud to provide falafel to quick service restaurants across the Chicagoland area. Commonly served in a sandwich or a pita, falafel is an ideal choice for consumers eating on the run, as well as those who stop in for a quick bite to eat.

Casual Dining Restaurants

In recent years, falafel dishes have been finding their way onto the menus of casual dining restaurants everywhere. With the addition of a falafel sandwich or a falafel and hummus dish, you can delight your guests and add a whole new category to your menu.

Mid-Scale Restaurants

Faced with increasing competition from fast food and casual dining restaurants, mid-scale restaurants must overcome many challenges in today’s economy. The addition of falafel can help make your menu stand out from the rest, and give your customers a reason to return.

Fine Dining Restaurants

When it comes to taste, falafel can rival even the greatest gourmet dishes with its rich flavor and satisfying texture. The addition of a falafel platter can add a touch of exotic Mediterranean flair to any fine dining menu, intriguing your guests and giving them something to talk about.

Chain Restaurants

Zaibak Bros is proud to partner with numerous chain restaurant operations throughout the United States. In addition to the benefits of adding falafel to your menu, we offer marketing services to help develop a custom product tailored to the specific needs of your restaurant chain.

Deli Counters

With Mediterranean foods soaring in popularity among consumers, it is crucial that deli counters offer the right mix of products to satisfy their customers’ needs. Zaibak Bros is proud to offer our falafel in bulk for use in sandwiches, party trays, and other signature creations unique to your deli counter.

Food Retailers

Falafel is an excellent choice for food retailers looking to expand the variety of products offered on their store’s shelves. Our pre-cooked falafel has a long shelf life and is easy to prepare, making it a desirable product for store owners and customers alike.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

With school lunch programs struggling to provide healthy meals on a restricted budget — and college students increasingly demanding ethnic variety on their menus — falafel can be a welcome addition to any cafeteria’s offerings. Students and parents everywhere can appreciate a tasty vegetarian alternative to pizza, hamburgers, and other traditional cafeteria fare.