Zaibak Bros is a family-owned business based in Chicago, and one of the leading manufacturers and wholesale distributors of falafel nationwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to bring the Mediterranean treat known as falafel to consumers across America.

Current Trends

The demand for healthy, vegetarian dishes has been on the rise in recent years, and Zaibak Bros strives to fill this market niche with falafel.

Once all but unheard of in the United States, falafel has become increasingly mainstream, and Zaibak Bros has amplified this trend by bringing falafel to the menus of renowned local restaurants, large food distribution, as well as popular national food chains.

What makes Zaibak Bros falafel better than the rest?

Our falafel is made from only the highest quality ingredients and prepared using Grandma Zaibak’s original homemade recipe. The result is falafel with unparalleled taste and impeccable nutritional value.