14 Year Old Vegan Inspiring Story

lila copeland

Lila Copeland isn’t just your ordinary 14 year old girl that obsesses over Starbucks and Justin Bieber, she is campaigning hard for schools in Los Angeles to adopt more vegan options. Lila has been an animal rights activist she says since birth and has been a lifelong vegetarian as well. She has recently turned to embrace veganism as a way to promote health and save animals as well as the environment. This young girl started Earth Peace Foundation at just the age of 10! She said the whole purpose of this foundation is to spread awareness of factory farm cruelty of animals as well as the benefits of living a vegan life and the impact it has on our planet.

She got the inspiration for the Healthy Freedom Campaign when she was at her school lunch and noticed all her classmates eating cheeseburgers and chicken tenders. She wanted to put together a movement to promote healthy, tasty, vegan options for students like herself, as well as teach the non-vegan eaters how good vegan food actually is taste wise and health wise. She feels her campaign is going strong and she was even allowed to present in front of The Los Angeles Unified School District Board. With her she brought vegan activist celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Dr. Michael Klaper, as well as Torre Washington! The board was impressed with Lila’s presentation and now are discussing adding vegan meals to school lunches!

We were very impressed with the determination and activism of this young girl and salute her! She is an inspiration for the youth that want to make a change in the community! At Zaibak Brothers we are all about vegan options and eating healthy and are thrilled to hear stories about young people with the same vision as us for a healthier vegan friendly world. Lila Copeland, we respect and salute you! Thank you for your hard work, commitment, and dedication to a healthier Earth!